Qualifier Plus llX Test Questions
Trainer – Doug Vairo
75 Questions on Full Exam Only
Passing Grade is 70%

1. What are the monthly payments on a $75,000 1st mortgage at 11% interest paid over 30 years?
a) $174.24
b) $471.24
c) $714.24
d) Can’t do a mortgage at 11%

2. Your buyers have made an offer of $175,000 on a 3-bedroom house in the Glen Oaks area of town. If they can obtain a conventional 12.5%, 30-year fixed-rate mortgage on 90% of the purchase price, what will their monthly payment be?
a) $1,680.93
b) $1,867.70
c) $1,860.93
d) You can’t make a mortgage if you purchase a house

3. The same buyers have another house they are considering in the Oak Park area of town. Given the same financing conditions (30-years at 12.5%) but a loan amount of $145,000, what would their monthly payment be?
a) $4,751.52
b) $1,574.52
c) $1,552.47
d) $1,547.52

4. A $75,000 condo comes with special “Zero Down” builder financing. What’s the monthly payment for this 40-year fixed-rate loan at 11.5% interest?
a) $668.45
b) $762.21
c) $726.21
d) “Zero Down” financing is not allowed

5. By the time the buyers in question #4 got through adding a microwave oven, mirrored closet doors, plush carpeting and a stacked washer-dryer unit, the purchase price became $85,000. If they still put nothing down, what’s the monthly P & I payment?
a) $823.04
b) $841.75
c) $832.04
d) You can’t buy a house with nothing down