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Free Reverse Mortgage Information

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Doug covered everything and honestly I can’t say enough good stuff about Doug.

Doug makes the information easy to understand and interesting.  Thank you! This is a great course of instruction.  I am looking forward to the rest of the classes.

I liked the guest speakers.  I came into this course knowing NOTHING about mortgages. I am very grateful for the information given.  Great instructor!

Doug is super knowledgeable. I cannot wait to take more classes.

Doug brought in professionals on all subjects.  Truly informative!

Very enjoyable – time went fast – easy to follow and learned a lot!

Doug & John were great!  Walked away with a lot of great information.  I love these classes.

Very engaging.  I will be coming back for other CE courses!

All trainers were terrific and knowledgeable.  I learned a lot.

These courses are excellent and NEVER boring!

Great classes, great info, great speakers!

Everyone was professional and informative.  The knowledge imparted to the class has been invaluable.

Very glad I came.  Most classes I’ve taken the instructors just went thru the motions.  These people knew what they were teaching and conveyed it in a manor which we were able to comprehend.  Thank you!

I really thought I’ve learned a lot in ALL 3 classes.  I expected to be bored, but after the 1st class it made me come to all of them.  I didn’t even need the credits.  I love the professionalism of all of the speakers.  Doug, you are great.  Do more classes, I enjoyed them. 🙂

Andy and  Doug took their time explaining what they do.  Very important to us Realtors.

I learned something new in every class.  I found everyone to be very professional and knowledgeable.  These courses were very informative and helpful to me.

Very engaging.  Great lunch!  Guest speakers were all informative and kept my interest.  Thank you.

All aspects were presented in an easy to follow manner.  Made learning easier.

The entire class was very useful.  I learned a lot about mortgages that I did not know. Thank you.

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